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Down The Melody Lane

History of 100 Years of Indian Films & Music in a nut-shell

1990 - '96

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¤ Pran completed his 50 years in films. He started his career with Panjabi film Yamla Jatt and acted in over 300 films in his career span of 50 years.

¤ V Shantaram's Rajkamal Kala Mandir celebrated its Golden Jubilee.

¤ New Theatres Calcutta celebrated its Diamond Jubilee.

¤ Death of music director Chitragupt (14th January), actress Nutan (21st February), film-maker Raj Khosla (9th June), veteran actress Durga Khote (22nd September) and music director Arun Paudwal (1st November) 1991. 

¤ Satyajit Ray became the first Indian film-maker to awarded with Oscar award (1992).

¤ Death of writer Dr. Rahi Masoom Reza (15th March), comedian Sundar (5th March), Satyajit Ray (13th April), music director C Arjun (30th April), comedian Agha (30th April), actress Shanta Hublikar (17th July), singing star Kanandevi (17th July), actor Amzad Khan (27th July), actor Premnath (3rd November) and lyricist Mahendra Dehalvi (20th December) 1992.

¤ Sanjay Dutt arrested under TADA (10th April, 1993).

¤ Death of director Satyen Bose, Kamaal Amrohi and comedian Asit Sen (1993).

¤ For the first time in India, Optical stereo sound system used with the realease of Hum Aapke Hain Kaun.

¤ Dolby sound system introduced in India with 1942 A Love story.

¤ Death of music director R D Burman (4thJanuary), film-maker Manmohan Desai (1st March), first lady of Indian screen Devika Rai (9th March), film-maker L V Prasad (22nd June), film maker Bhalaji Pendharkar (28th November 1994).

¤ Asha Bhosle, Hrishikesh Mukherjee and Dev Anand celebrated their 50 yrs in Hindi cinema.

¤ Death of actor Iftekhar (4th March), Mai Mangeshkar (16th June), music director Sajjad Hussain (20th July), music director Salil Choudhary (5th September) and actress Naaz (19th October, 1995).

¤ Amitabh Bachchan made his come back to the silver screen after 5 years (1996).

¤ Death of fearless Nadia (10th January), actor N T Rama Rao (18th January), lyricist Vasant Deo (24th January) and actor Shafi Inaamdar (13th March, 1996).

Sayedna Iftekhar Ahmed Sharif, known as Iftekhar was a character artist. He acted in over 400 films. He made his debut with 1944's Taqraar. He is famous for his Police offcer roles. He's remembered for his roles in Bandini, KhelKhel Mein, Deewar, Don, Zanjeer, Ittefaq, Teesri Manzil, Johnny Mera  Naam etc. He shared a close friendship with Kishore Kumar.


Sunder worked if films for four decades. He started in early 40s and worked till late 80s. He worked in approximately 400 films in his career. He is known for his supporting roles and comedy acts. He sung songs in a few films as well. His noticeable films are upkar, Sadhu Aur Shaitan, Padosan, Solva Saal, Albela, etc.


Debuted in 1935 with Karwan-e-Husn, Agha is known for his Bob Hope style comic roles. He acted in over 300 films in his 40 years of film career. His best films are patita, Mr. Sampat, Kali Topi Laal Rumal, Ghunghat, Sharda, Pehli Taarikh etc. His son, Jalal Agha, also entered films. Agha died on April 30, 1992.


Asit Sen
He is fondly remembered for his slow motion dialog delivery. He acted in over 200 films starting from 1951. His roles in Bees Saal Baad, Jaal, Upkar, Brahmchari, Do Dooni Char, Do Raaste, Pyar Ka Mausam, Do Chor, Dushman etc still brings a smile on your face. He died on September 18, 1993.

Asit Sen

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