Pt.Bhimsen Joshi



As a performing artiste, Pandit Bhimsen Joshi has few equals in the world of Hindustani classical music of the present day. He is acclaimed as one of the most popular artistes who have flourish in India's post-freedom renaissance and represent the generation of contemporary musicians who are truly worthy of wearing the mantle of old masters.

Born in 1922, Bhimsen Joshi began his musical quest when, as a teenager, he ran away from home in Karnataka and wandered from place to place all over north India in search of a Guru. He was destined to find one in his own distinct - the celebrated Sawai Gandharva. He lived with his guru for five years practising for 18 hours everyday, which eventually shaped his musical career. Although an exponent to Kirana Gharana, Panditji has developed a style of his own. The deeper dimensions of his evolving vocalism reveal themselves in all their dignity and charm in his singing. His style is marked by comprehensive 'Alaap', systematic 'Bistaar', uncanny 'Layakari', immaculate 'Taan' and intricate architecture. Only a maestro like Panditji can acclaim such a marvellous musical amalgam. While Khayal is his forte, Pandit ji excels in Thumri, Bhajan and Marathi Pad also.

Pt. Joshi rendered his voice for the following songs:
1. Basant Bahar |1956|
            1. Ketki Gulaab Juhi - with Manna Dey 
            2. Pag Laagan De Maharaj Ke..

2. Pativrata |196?| 
            1. Piya Bin Chain Naahi Aawat - with Laxmi Shankar 
3. Birbal My Brother |197?| 
            1. Jugal Bandi - with Pt. Jasraj 
4. Sant Tulsidas |1972|
            1. Granth Gyan Ke.. 
            2. Nahin Chhodo Baba Raam - with Mahendra
            3. Pita Matushri Bandhu..
            4. Ram Prabhu Aadhar Jagat Ke..
            5. Ramaye Raam Bhadraye Ram Chandraye.. 
5. Ankahi |1985| 
            1. Prabhu Tum Rakho Laaj Hari.. 
            2. Thumak Thumak Pag..

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