The connection between nostalgia, music, song and poetry is too intimate and obvious to require explanation. When associated with moving pictures, the bond takes the form of beautiful, larger-than-life actors and actresses singing songs on the silver screen, which other artists, the singers, music directors and lyricists, who remain in the background, have created. The end product is magical moments. Such moments continue to haunt us ever after.

Given the deeply musical and rhythmic nature of South Asian aesthetic and spiritual culture, Indian film songs epitomize ancient tradition most amply in a modern form. Film songs are part of an innovative enterprise, drawing upon classical ragas and folk songs as well as the powerful heritage of ghazals, nazms, geets, bhajans, and qawwalis to express love, passion, pathos, dejection, humour and folklore.

It is said that film songs unite the people of the Indian subcontinent despite the existence of different religions and political affiliations. Therefore a website devoted to song and music, besides entertaining a wide variety of listeners, keeps alive a spirit of brotherhood and love not only in Indian society, but also in our neighbourhood and indeed worldwide. Indian films are seen worldwide and the songs in them are sung in many parts of the world by individuals who do not understand Hindi.

I, at Down Melody Lane, am committed to furnishing you with as complete and comprehensive information as possible on the creators of film music - singers, music directors and lyricists. In addition I have included non-film songs, and there selections of devotional and version songs as well. Entertaining you with song and music when you look for it remains my paramount concern.

Such an undertaking can serve as the foundation of an encyclopedia devoted to the men and women whose creativity has led to the production of exquisite beauty in melodic form. So, come and join us in this adventure!

Your suggestions, feedback are always welcome.
Abhinav A. Tripathi
Chandigarh, India.

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My grateful thanks go to several people. To a few, my thanks are perhaps paltry compared to my idebtedness to them, but they are meant in all sincerity. Thanks are due to Late Dr. Rakesh Pratap Singh, Dr. Ramesh Chandra Mishra, Dr. B M Shukla and my family members.

I would always remain indebted to Late Dr. Rakesh Pratap Singh for his immense contribution and continuous encouragement. It is only because of him that exists.

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