N Datta


Popular As: N Dutta
Birth: 12th December 1927
Death: 30th December 1987
1st Film: Milaap
Last Film: Chehre Pe Chehra
Work Span: 1955 - 1980 

Datta Naik alias N. Datta was born in 1927 in Aroba, a small village in Goa. At the age of 12, he ran away from his family and came to Mumbai. There he learnt classical music and later worked as an assistant to Ghulam Haider. He was a close friend of Chandrakant Bhosle who was playing rhythm with Shankar Jaikishan's orchestra. He also used to participate in street music programs, where Sachin Dev Burman spotted his talent. The maestro employed him as his assistant and while working there, N. Datta also developed a notable career as an independent composer. His compositions showed a fine sense of melody and orchestration. His close association with lyricist Sahir Ludhianvi who was also his close friend ensured that his songs were always blessed by meaningful poetic lyrics. N. Datta also worked very closely with noted lyricists Majrooh Sultanpuri, Jan Nisar Akhtar and others. 

Datta assisted Dada Burman in a number of films. Datta was very impressed with the revolutionary songs of lyricist Sahir Ludhiyanvi. When Datta got his first chance to compose independently for Raj Khosla's Milaap (1955), he insisted for Sahir as the lyricist. The result was some very beautifully songs like 'Ye Baharon Ka Sama..' (Hemant,Lata), 'Jaate Ho To Jaao Par Jaoge Kahan..' (Geeta), etc. The music of Milaap became so popular that Datta came into the category of film industry's most eminent musicians.

Some unforgettable and mersmerising compositions which give the evidence of Datta's musical dexterity are: 'Sitare Raah Takte Hai..' (Lata), 'Main Tumhi Se Poochhti Hoon..' (Lata) from the film Black Cat. 'Aurat Ne Janm Diya Mardon Ko..' (Lata), 'Sambhal-e-Dil..' (Asha-Rafi) from the film Sadhna' 'Maine Chaand Aur Sitaron Ki Tamnna Ki Thi..' (Rafi) from the film Chandrakanta, 'Ashkon Me Jo Paya Hai..' (Talat) from the film Chandi Ki Deewar, 'Kis Jagah Jaayen..' (Asha) from Light House, 'Ab Wo Karam Karen..' (Rafi) from the film Marine Drive, 'Daaman Me Aag Laga Baithe..' (Rafi), 'Tere Pyar Ka Aasra Chahta Hoon..' (Mahendra) from the film Dhool Ka Phool, 'Aaj Ki Raat Nahi Shikwon..' (Mahendra) from Dharamputra and 'Laal Laal Gaal..' from the film Mr. X.

N Datta also gave music in the film named 'Datta Naik'. He had a very strong and long association with Sahir Ludhiyanvi as his lyiricist in most of his films, till Chehre Pe Chehra (1980). Datta Naik was a senible music director who use minimum orchestra to develop the required atmosphere as expressed in the song. He passed away on December 30, 1987.


1Marine Drive195529Mera Arman Mere Sapne1963
4Dussehra195632Chandi Ki Diwar1964
5Hum Panchhi Ek Daal Ke195733Hercules1964
6Mohini195734Gopal Krishna1965
7Mr X195735Khaakan1965
8Light House195836Bahadur Daku1966
9Miss 1958195837Dilaawar1966
10Sadhna195838Jawan Mard1966
11Bhai Bahan195939Albela Mastana1967
12Black Cat195940Raju1967
13Dhool Ka Phool195942Apna Ghar Apni Kahani1968
14Jaalsaz195942Ek Maasoom1969
15Mr John195943Patthar Ke Khaab1969
16Naach Ghar195944Ustaad 4201969
18Dr Shaitaan196046Naya Rasta1970
19Rickshawala196047Aagh Aur Daag1971
20Dharamputra196148Badnam Farishtey1971
21Do Bhaai196149Return of Johnny1972
22Dilli Ka Dada196250Do Juaari1974
23Gyaarah Hazaar Ladkiyaan196251Ganga1974
24Kala Samundar196252Aag Aur Toofan1975
25Sachche Moti196253Phanda1975
26Awara Abdullah196354Miss Toofan Mail1980
27Akela196355Chehre Pe Chehra1980
28Holiday In Bombay196356--

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