Popular As: Bhupi
Birth: 15th April 1940
Death: -
First Film: Haqeeqat
Last Film: -
Work Span: 1964 - Present

A ghazal singer whose been around for nearly sixty years in the professional music world of Bombay, is till date remembered for his very memorable film numbers like 'Ek Akela Is Shahar Main..' and 'Dil Dhoondta Ha..'. It has been sometime since one heard Bhupinder render playback for the movies, however his work in the field of ghazal renditions continues till date.

Bhupinder was born on April 15, 1940 in Amritsar. He was inclined toward music at a very early age. His father Natha Singh, was a trained vocalist, from whom Bhupinder learnt his early lessons in music. He gave his performances on All India Radio, Delhi, in his early phase of musical career. He was also attached to the Doordarshan center, Delhi. Bhupinder has mastered the art of playing guitar and violin. In 1964, his luck gave him a call when music director Madan Mohan heard him over the All India Radio and called him to Bombay. He was so impressed by Bhupinder's talent that he gave him a chance of singing a song alongwith the noted singer Mohd. Rafi in Chetan Anand's Haqeeqat. The song was 'Hoke Majboor Mujhe Usne Bulaya Hoga..', which was a hit. After Haqeeqat, Bhupinder sang few more songs in some low budget films, which failed to give him the recognition he deserved.

He joined the orchestra of R. D. Burman and played guitar for many of RD's greatest scores, like, 'Dum Maro Dum...' and 'Ek Hi Khwaab..'. He became good friends with R D Burman. RD gave him his first 'original' hit with the release of Parichay in 1972. Bhupinder sang two songs in Parichay ('Beete Na Beetai Raina..' and 'Mitwa Bole Meethe Bai..'). He got a lot of appreciation from all the parts of the country. Parichay changed his outlook and he was now considered as a serious voice, and composers took him seriously. Bhupinder developed his own singing style. Gulzar’s films carved a niche for him with songs like 'Dil Dhoondta Hai..', 'Naam Gum Jayega..' and 'Ek Akela Is Shaher Mein..'.

It was very gradually that he started signing contracts with record companies and did several private songs. His first LP was released in 1968, which had three songs that were self-composed. In 1978, Bhupinder released his second LP of ghazals. It was in this venture that he introduced the Spanish guitar, bass and drums to the ghazal style. It was an innovation indeed, and one that broke away from the traditional ghazal style of using merely the sarangi and the tabla. Bhupinder introduced more orchestration into the ghazal and going by the frequency with which these instruments were used in future ghazal recordings by other singers as well, the experiment had worked. In 1980 an LP titled 'Woh Jo Shair Tha' was released. Gulzar's poetry was put to music by Bhupinder who played the solo guitar. Besides which he also used synthesisers, electric guitars, a drum set and the tabla to produce an overall haunting effect.

Bhupinder married Mitali who is a noted ghazal singer. Both Bhupinder and Mitali gave several successful performances across the country. Today their name has got a respect in the world of ghazals. Bhupinder, now-a-days has almost cut off himself from the film playback, but he's busy with his ghazal concerts and live performances. Recently he released his latest album 'Surmayi Raat' which was again written by his favourite shayar Gulzar saab. With Surmayi Raat, Bhupinder & Mitali celebrate their 25 years of working together.

According to the music connoisseurs Bhupinder's voice is the last 'original' voice.

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