Popular As: Anil Da
Birth: 1918
Death: 6th January 1987
1st Film: Joru Ka Bhai
Last Film: Jumbish
Work Span: 1950 - 1985 

After three decades of continuous struggle as a music director, Jaidev was a tired man. Age was catching up with him and his health was failing. He had no one except friends to care for him and no house to call his own. Earlier he used to spent his vacant hours over a glass of liquor. But later even that blessing was denied to him on medical grounds.

On December 14, 1986, when Jaidev stepped on the stage to receive the Sur Singar Samsad award for his classical music in 'Ankahee', he looked weak but healthy enough to last another decade. The glow on his tired face was probably the last flash of a falling star. On January 6, 1987, he died suddenly, at the age of 68, leaving the film industry to grieve for the loss of a talent it had consistently neglected.

Jaidev assisted Ali Akbar Khan and Dada Burman before he got an independent assignment in 'Joru Ka Bhai' (1955). He built a reputation as a sensitive composer who did not compromise on the quality of music for the sake of applause. 

Jaidev was admired by producers as a good composer, but they considered him good enough for the small-budget films. Though most of his films failed at the box office, many of them, such as 'Kinare Kinare', 'Reshma Aur Shera', 'Alap', 'Prem Parbat', 'Gaman' and 'Ankahee', are remembered for his imaginative musical score.  It is unfortunate that despite his expertise in classical and folk music and imaginative approach, Jaidev had only 'Hum Dono' (1961) and, to a certain extent 'Mujhe Jeene Do' (1963), as the only commercially successful films to his credit. 

Apart from composing for films Jaidev also contributed his mite to 'Sur Singar Samsad', a prestigious organisation for the promotion of classical music. Jaidev could not adapt himself to the cinematic culture of his time. His profound and quiet musical expressions were not appreciated by the masses who showed their preference for loud and catchy rhythms. 

A winner of four Sur Singar Samsad awards, the Lata Mangeshkar Award of the M P Government and three National Awards (Reshma Aur Shera', 'Gaman ,'Ankahee'), Jaidev did not get the recognition he deserved and that is a sad commentary on the musical culture of modern cinema.

Looking back on Jaidev's career as a music director, his struggles, achiev- ements and set-backs, his pensive melody 'Kabhi khud pe kabhi halat pe rona aya 'from 'Hum Dono' suddenly comes to mind and the heart grieves for the talent that was wasted.

Article by: Mr. Nalin Shah
Published in: Playback & Fast Forward, Feb. 1987


1Joru Ka Bhai1949 22 Faaslah1976
2Samudri Daku195323Aandolan1977
4Hum Dono195425Gharonda1977
5Kinare Kinare195526Tumhare Liye1978
6Mujhe Jeene Do195727Dooriyaan1979
7Hamare Gham Se Mat Khelo195828Gaman1979
8Jiyo Aur Jeene Do195929Solvan Saawan1979
9Sapna196030Aayi Teri Yaad1980
10Aashadh Ka Ek Din196031Ek Gunaah Aur Sahi1980
11Do Boond Paani196032Wohi Baat1987
12Ek Thi Rita196133Raam Nagari1982
13Reshma Aur Shera196234Ek Naya Itihaas1983
14Sampooran Devi Darshan196335Ankahi1984
15Bharat Darshan196436Zumbish1986
16Bhaavna196437Trikon Ka Chautha Kon1986
17Maan Jaiye197738Amarjyoti198?
18Prem Parbat197739Aazadi Pachchees Baras Ki197?
19Aalingan197740Shaadi Kar Lo197?
21Ek Huns Ka Joda197742--

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