The Wordsmiths of Hindi Film Songs

Agha Hashra Kasmiri

Agha Hashra Kashmiri

Agha Hashar Kashmiri was born as Mohd. Agha Shah, on April 3, 1879, in Varanasi. He was very fond of stage dramas and poetry since his childhood. He learnt Persian and Arabic in but could not complete his education. He moved to Bombay at the age of 18. His first drama Aftab-e-Mohabbat was published in 1897. His most popular works are Yahudi Ki Ladki, Sitra Banbas, Bila Mangal, Aankh Ka Nasha, Silver King, Rustom Sohrab etc. Apart from the stories and dialogues for many films he also wrote songs for a few films. His popular songs are Prem Nagar Mein Banaungi Main-Chandidas, Wo Muqaddar Na Raha - Shirin Farhad, Piya Ko DhondTe Nain - Dil Ki Pyar, Lag Gayi Chot Karejwa Par - Yahudi Ki Ladki etc. Kashmiri died on 28 April 1935 in Lahore.

Pandit Indra

Pandit Indra Chandra Dadhich

Pandit Indra Chandra was a prominent name in the 1930s. He started his career with 1933s film Sati Mahananda. He workd for the top studios of his time including Ranjit Movietone, Wadia Movitone, Prakash Pictures, Sagar Movitone etc. Apart from the songs he also wrote story and dialogues of many films. Some of his best songs are Wo Dil humko Yaad Kare - Shobha, Badariya Baras Gayi Us Paar - Moorti, Chanda Khele Aankh Micoli - Jogan, Jaa Parwane Jaa - Raajputani, O Mere Chand Kyon Door - Chandralekha, Chanda Des Piya Ke J a- Bharthari, Man Bhaavan Sawan Aaya - Chandralekha. Aprat from writing stories, lyrics and dialogues Pt. Indra also tried his handsin acting. He appeared on the screen in several films including Brandy Ki Botal.

Zia Sarhadi

Zia Sarhadi

He was a well known name of the Indian films during 1930s-40s. He was a writer, director and producer. He started his career as a lyricist with 1936s Deccan Queen. Singer Surendra started his career with the same film as well. Zia worked with Sagar Movietone till 1939 and wrote many songs. His best songs are Jeevan Sapna Toot Gaya - Ankha Pyar, Tumhi Ne Mujhko Prem Sikhaya - Manmohan, Kahe Akela Dolat Baadal - Gramophone Singer, Yaad Rakhna Chand Taaron - Anokha Pyar, Diya Jala Kar Aap Bujhaya - Badi Maa etc. He wrote around 150 songs for approx 30 films. He wrote screenplay/dialogues for Anokhi Ada, Baiju Bawara, Footh Path, Sarhad etc. He migrated to Pakistan during partition. Hedied on January 27, 1997 in Karachi, Pakistan.

Moti BA

Moti B A

Moti Updhyay was born on August 1, 1919. He did his BA from Kashi Hindu Universty in 1938. He was very fond of poetry. He used to recite his poetry at various Kavi Sammelan and became very famous his degree studk with his name and he became popular as Moti BA. He started his career in films with Lahore's Pancholi Picures' Kaise Kahoon in 1945. Later he moved to Bombay. His songs of Dilip Kumar's Nadiya Ke Paar became very popular. He wrote song sfro Hip Hip Hurrey, Sindoor, Saajan, Rimjhim, Kaafila etc. His popular songs are Humko Tumhara Hi Aasra - Saajan, Mere Saiyan Padoon Tore Paiyyan - Sindoor, Le Chak Nadiya Ke Paar - Nadiya Ke Paar, Ek Dil Tera Ek Dil Mera - Hip Hip Hurrey, etc. He published his potic works in Hindi and Bhojpuri. He died on 18 January 2009 at the age of 90.

Josh Malihabadi

Josh Malihabadi

He was born on December 5, 1898 as Shabbir Hasan Khan in Malihabad, Uttar Pradesh. He started his film career with Shalimar Pictures in 1944 for the film Man Ki Jeet. He worked for Shalimar Pictures till 1947. He wrote songs for the films Shehzadi, Ghulami, Prithviraj Sanyukta. He moved to Pakistan in 1956 and setteled in Karachi. He published a great no. of poetry collections and his Autobiography 'Yaadon Ki Baarat' as well. He died on February 22, 1982 in Islamabad. In August 2012, the Government of Pakistan announced Hilal-i-Imtiaz for Josh Malihabadi. Some of his popular songs are Tera Khayal Dil Se Abhi Mitaya Nahin - Doraha, Aye Watan Tujhpe Nisar Meri Jaan - Ghulami, Aaj Umangon Ki Leher Pe Naache - Prithviraj Sanyukta, Jagmag Hai Sansar - The Last Message, etc.

P L Santoshi

Pyare Lal Santoshi

P L Santoshi was born on August 7, 1916 in Jabalpur, M.P as Pyarelal Shrivastava. He moved to Bombay in mis 30s and started to work as an assistant with the famous Jaddan Bai. He joind Ranjit Movietone in 1937. He wrote songs for many films including Toofani Toli, Bazigar, Secretary, Pati Patni, thokar, Paagal, Pardesi etc. In 1941 he joined Bombay talkies and wrote songs for Anjaan and Basant. He then moved to Prabhat Films. He started directing the films with Him Ek Hain. He teamed with ace composer C Ramchandra and gained huge popularity. He used to charge a Lakh Rupees for a film. He lived a flamboyant life and spent all his money. He died pennyless on September 7, 1978. His son Raj Kumar Santoshi is a famous director now. His popular songs include Aana Meri Jaan Sunday Ke Sunday - Shehnai, Mehfil Mein Jal Uthi Shama - Nirala, Maar Katari Mar Jana - Shehnai, Tum Kya Jano Tumhari Yaad Mein - Shin Shinaki Bubla Boo, Neend Na Mujhko aye - Post Box 999 etc. 

Ali Sardar Jaffery

Ali Sardar Jafri

He was born on Novemer 29, 1913 at Balrampur, U.P. In 1938 he published his collection of short stories 'Manzil'. Hs first poetry collection, Parvaz', was published in 1944. He was involved in several social, political and literary movements. He started his film career with K A Abbas' Dharti Ke Laal in 1946. He then wrote songs for 1952s Anhonee, 1953s Footpath. The song Shaam-e-Gham ki Kasam became very popular and is still remembered today. In 1967 he was awarded Padma Shri from Govt. of India. In 1997 he received the Jnanpith Award. He died on 1 August 2000 in Mumbai. Some of his popular songs include, Is Dil Ki Haalat Kya Kahiye - Anhonee, Rasiya Re Man Basiya Re - Pardesi, Shaam-e-Gham ki Kasam - Foot Path etc.

Madhukar Rajasthani

Madhukar Rajasthani

He wrote numerous songs for films and private albums in his 30 years film career. He was a simple man and never tried to grab work for the sake of money. He stayed aloof from the glamour of the industry and as a result he's forgotten with time. He strated his career with 1950s film Bhed. He went on to write songs for the films, Deepak, Madmast, Diwali Ki Raat, Sangram, Gokul Ka Chor, Shamsheer etc. He wrote many popular songs for the private albums of prominent singers like Mohd. Rafi, Manna Dey, Talat Mahmood, Asha Bhosle etc. His popular non film songs are Nathli Se Toota Moti Re, Meri Bhi Ek Mumtaz Th, Wo Saath hamar De Na Sake, Suno Arz hamari Prabhu, Thehro Zara Ek Pal etc. His popular film songs include Chhod Chale Sanwariya - Gokul Ka Chor, Kahan Meri Manzil - Diwali Ki Raat etc. 

Naqsh Lyaalpuri

Naqsh Lyallpuri

He was born on February 24, 1928 as Jaswant Rai Sharma in Lyallpur, Pakistan. He was inclined towward poetry since his childhood. He moved to Bombay in 1951 and worked for The Times of India as a proofreader. His friend Jagdish Sethi was a director and he asked him write songs for his next film. Naqsh debuted with 1953s Jaggu. After t his ne worked with many composers and wrote many songs but could not attain a name for him. With 1970s Chetna he finnaly arrived with the song Main To Har Mod Par, sung by Mukesh. He then wrote Rasm-e-Ulfat ko Nibhayen for Dil Ki Rahen. With 1977s Gharonda he became popular. Apart from his songs he published his poetry books as well.  He died on 22 January 2017 at the age of 88. Some of his popular songs are, Ulfat Mein Zamane Ki - Call Girl, Ye Mulakaat Ek Bahana Hai - Khandan, Na Jaane Kya Hua - Dard etc.

Khumar Barabankvi

Khumar Barabankvi

He was born on September 20, 1919 in Barabanki, U.P. as Mohd. Haider Khan. He was very fond of poetry since his childhood. He started writing potery in his school day and he left his studies by the time he passes his metric to become a full fledged poet. He went to Bombay in 1946 to participate in a poteic event. Director A R Kardar was so imprssed with his poetry that he offered him to write songs for his film Shahjehan. With his song ‘Chaah Barbad Kare Gi Hamein Maaloom Na Tha’ sung by K L Saigal, he gained fame and recognition. He wrote many songs fro films lik Roop Lekha, Dil Ki Basti, Hulchal, Jawab, Rukhsana, Captain Sheroo etc.   He was not very happy with the falling standards of the film songs so he quit the industry and settled in Barabanki. He died on February 19, 1999. His popular songs include, Aye Dil-e-Beqarar Jhoom - Shahjehan, Tasveer Banata Hoon - Baradari, Bhula Nahin Dena - Baradari etc, 

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