Ustad Amir Khan



As an innovative singer Ustad Amir Khan has no equals in the later part of 20th century. As a performing artist with his own unique style and technique he achieved unparalleled success and adulation of critics and connoisseurs.

Born at Indore in 1912 to a family of musicians, he was trained in Sarangi by his father Shamir Khan and later under Ustad Rajab Ali Khan of the Bhendibazar Gharana in vocals. He was also influenced by Kirana masters Ustad Abdul Karim Khan and Abdul Wahim Khan, especially latter's treatment of raga in slow tempo. Later Amir Khan evolved his own style of singing very slow or ati vilambit Khayal which he developed in a most leisurely mood with deep serenity and contemplativeness for which he was to become most famous. It has now come to be regarded as the Indore Gharana. His technique and style has greatly influenced many artists including Pt Nikhil Bannerjee, the entire Imdadkhani School of Sitar headed by Ustad Vilayat Khan apart from many other Khayal vocalists including the young master Ustad Rashid Khan. Unfortunately his experimentations came to a premature end when he died in a car accident on 13th February 1974.

Ustad Amir Khan rendered his voice for the following films:

1.Baiju Baawara |1952| 

        1. Tori Jay Jay Kartaar.. 

        2. Megh Aaye Ghanan Ghanan..

        3. Aaj Gaawat Man Mero - with D V Paluskar

        4. Sargam (Raaga Darbari)

2. Shabaab |1954| 

        1. Daya Kar Hey Girdhar Gopal.. 

3.Jhanak Jhanak Paayal Baaje |1955| 

        1. Title Song 

4. Goonj Uthi Shehnai |1959| 

        1. Nis Din Tero.. 

5. Kohinoor |1960| 

        1. Madhu Ban Me Raadhika Naache - with Lata Mangeshkar 

6. Kshudit Pashaan (Bengali) |196?| 

        1. Piya Ke Aawan Ki Main.. 

        2. Kaise Kate Ratiyaan...

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